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Calabasas DUI Attorney

DUI Defense in Calabasas

The ramifications of a DUI conviction are very serious in our state. The penalties include jail time, expensive fines, community service, alcohol education classes and a suspension of your driver's license - and this is for a first time DUI misdemeanor offense. Not only will you be suffering from these penalties, you will face increased insurance rates, court fees and a criminal record that shows a DUI conviction. This can lead to problems in getting work in the future when a potential employer runs a background check on you. It is strongly advised that you contact a Calabasas DUI lawyer from Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP at once if you are accused of any DUI offense, whether misdemeanor or felony. Our legal team has decades of success in defending all types of DUI charges and we will take fast action on your behalf.

DUI Lawyer in Calabasas

Each case should immediately be evaluated to determine how the defense team will act on your behalf. Every detail must be reviewed, including breath and blood testing evidence, field sobriety testing procedures, arrest procedures and police reports. There are often compelling defense options that are identified through our extensive review of the evidence that led to your arrest.  The initiation of defense action should begin from the moment you are arrested and prior to any court hearing. This is extremely important in all cases, particularly felony accusations. Our DUI defense team includes former law enforcement officers, former prosecutors, and former public defenders that all have a deep insight into how to navigate the legal system and find the opportunities to defend a case of DUI.

We provide seasoned legal counsel in all types of DUI cases, including information on DMV hearings, DUI penalties, multiple DUI arrests, felony DUI, federal DUI, BUI, drugs / alcohol & DUI, under 21 DUI, DUI auto accidents, dui causing injury , vehicular manslaughter, out of state arrests, drugs & DUI arrests, field sobriety tests, breathalyzer tests / refusal, blood test, and are a recognized criminal defense law firm. Our Criminal Defense Department is prepared to evaluate any DUI or criminal charge.

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A Calabasas DUI Defense Attorney from our firm is highly qualified and has impressive credentials in defending DUI cases throughout Calabasas and the surrounding communities.

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