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Under 21 DUI Attorney in Thousand Oaks

Has Your Child been Charged with DUI?

The state's Zero Tolerance law provides harsh penalties for drinking and driving under age 21. For a mere .01 BAC, which may only be from drinking one 12 ounce beer, an under 21 driver can have his or her license suspended for one year.  This goes on the youth's driving record and may have repercussions as the youth applies for college, scholarships and employment.  The legal team of Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP offers proven defense to under 21 drivers charged with DUI in Thousand Oaks.  We urge you to contact a Thousand Oaks DUI attorney for the defense your child needs.

Under 21 DUI Charges in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Calabasas or Simi Valley

Where a youth under 18 is found to be driving with .01 BAC, the youth's license is suspended for one year.  If the youth does not have a license yet, the youth's eligibility is postponed one year.   If the youth registers between .05 and .07 BAC, in addition to the license suspension, the youth will need to complete a 3 month alcohol education course and be ordered by the judge to abstain from alcohol or drugs until age 21.

If the breath or blood test shows .08 BAC, the youth will be charged with regular DUI just as an adult.  The penalties may include jail, a $1000 fine, license revocation and 3 to 5 years probation.  If the youth or passenger has alcohol in the car, the prosecutor may file a separate charge resulting in additional fines and impoundment of the car up to 30 days.

Thousand Oaks Under 21 DUI Lawyer

The DUI attorneys at the firm zealously defend the rights of under 21 drivers. We interview the youth and thoroughly investigate the incident to find effective defenses.  Where the police did not have "probable cause" to stop the youth, we move to suppress the evidence as a violation of the youth's constitutional rights.  Where police violate procedures in conducting field sobriety tests, breath tests or blood tests we insist the test results be thrown out.  Knowing the possible consequences to the youth's future, our Criminal Defense Department works tirelessly to secure dismissal or acquittal of charges.

Contact an Under 21 DUI Attorney in Thousand Oaks at the firm for a free consultation.

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