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Federal DUI Defense Attorney in Thousand Oaks

Charged with Federal DUI?

A person driving under the influence in National Parks or on military bases is prosecuted in the federal courts.    Federal DUI is a Class B misdemeanor with a potential fine of $5,000 and six months in a federal penitentiary. Where a suspect refuses to submit to a chemical test, it is a misdemeanor punishable by a fine and six months in jail.  If you have been charged with federal DUI, you need proven and energetic defense against charges.  You are urged to contact a Thousand Oaks DUI attorney.

Thousand Oaks Federal DUI Defense Lawyer

At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP our federal DUI defense attorneys provide seasoned and tenacious defense to federal DUI charges.  Our Criminal Defense Department employs licensed private investigators as useful to investigate the scene and interview witnesses to build our client's defense.  Where the federal officer did not have probable cause to stop our client, we move to suppress all evidence.  We are also alert to procedural violations in conducting alcohol screening tests and use them to invalidate test results.

Challenge of Chemical Test Results

DUI charges are usually based on chemical tests.  Where a breath test is used, the results are invalid if the suspect has a physical condition such as diabetes, is suffering from a cold or fever, burps before the test or has vomited.  The police officer must also turn off any walkie-talkie or radio.

A blood test is invalid if the technician uses alcohol to scrub the skin before drawing the blood.  The test is also null and void if the sample is not properly refrigerated or the chain of custody is cut.

Contact a Federal DUI Defense Attorney in Thousand Oaks at the firm for vigorous defense against federal DUI charges.

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