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Thousand Oaks Drugs and DUI Attorney

Alcohol and DUI Lawyer in Thousand Oaks

At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP we provide vigorous defense for clients in Thousand Oaks arrested for DUI.  Clients may be charged for impairment by either drugs or alcohol.  Penalties include jail, license revocation and heavy fines. If you have been accused, you owe to yourself to have proven defense.  Our Criminal Defense Department is ready to work tirelessly to defend your rights and freedom.  We urge you to contact a Thousand Oaks DUI lawyer for the defense you need.

Defense against Drugs and DUI Charges in Thousand Oaks, Westlake Village, Agoura Hills, Malibu, Calabasas & Simi Valley

If a driver is suspected of DUI and Drugs, the police take the driver to the station to be interviewed by a Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE).  The DRE goes through a 12 step evaluation procedure including agility exercises, examination for injection sites, questioning about drug use and acquiring a blood or urine sample. On the basis of this examination the DRE decides whether the driver is impaired.

We defend clients against these charges on a number of grounds.  If the evaluator failed to advise the   client of the right to remain silent, we move to exclude the client's statements to police.  We further show that the chemical tests used only indicate the presence of drugs, not the amount.  Thus a positive test result does not prove impairment.  We can present expert testimony that drugs can remain in the system from 5 days to several months.  This is way beyond any possible effect on driving.  As for signs of impairment, we may offer innocent explanations such as fatigue, allergies and nervousness.

Thousand Oaks Alcohol and DUI Attorney

The police may charge for driving under the influence of alcohol where the driver is obviously impaired or reads at .08 BAC in a chemical test. In defending our client, we may challenge the police stop as illegal making evidence found inadmissible.  We also look for violations of procedure in administrating field sobriety tests, breath tests and blood tests.  Where found, we move the court to suppress the test results leaving the prosecutor without a case.

We assist clients in mitigating the effects of a DUI charge. This includes seeking alternatives to jail and applying for restricted licenses.

Contact a Thousand Oaks Drugs and DUI Attorney at the firm for a free consultation.

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