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Criminal Defense Cases in Thousand Oaks

Thousand Oaks Criminal Defense Attorneys

An individual charged with the commission of a crime can face the battle of his or her life.  At Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP our Criminal Defense Department is dedicated to providing effective and competent legal counsel to clients with criminal charges against them.  Defendants can benefit from our strong defense team and their ability to fight for the rights of suspected offenders.  Criminal offenses can include juvenile crimes, white collar crimes, theft and robbery, DUI, sex crimes, assault and battery, murder or manslaughter, domestic violence, drug crimes, and other crimes. 

A criminal conviction can change the life of the offender in the ability to retain employment, disassociation of family and friends, loss of a child custody award following a divorce, and the loss of certain rights and freedoms.  Individuals arrested for a criminal offense should contact a Thousand Oaks DUI lawyer  following an arrest for a DUI or any criminal offense.  An aggressive defense is necessary when there is a future at stake.  Our team offers effective legal defense for clients charged with committing crimes.

Penalties for Criminal Convictions

A criminal charge is a serious matter and the consequences can be significant.  A defendant convicted of a crime can face incarceration, large fines, probation or parole, community service, court-mandated counseling and education program.  Depending on the crime there may be further punishments imposed on the defendant by the judge at sentencing.  Prior convictions, the severity of the crime, use of deadly force or weapons, involvement of minors, partaking in gang related activates are all factors that can weigh in at the time of sentencing.  DUI convictions can have an immediate impact on an offender due to license suspension, jail time and large fines, along with other penalties. 

It is essential to have a legal team with knowledge of all aspects of criminal law and experience in how the court system works and how to get results.  We provide effective defense inside and outside of the courtroom.  Our goal is for the best possible outcome to the situation with reduced charges or a dismissed case.  Each criminal case is different with its own set of circumstances.  Experienced attorneys of Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP defend many clients with criminal charges, including DUIs.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with an attorney from our Criminal Defense Department.

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