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Thousand Oaks Breathalyzer Tests and Test Refusal Defense

DUI Defense Lawyer in Thousand Oaks

CHP and other law enforcement have the training to watch for suspected drunken drivers.  If they notice erratic or speeding driving, they have the right to pull the car over and check the on the sobriety of the driver.  An officer can request a driver submit to a sobriety test.  The driver must get out of the vehicle and is asked questions and requested to perform a few simple tasks that a sober person could perform.  The officer can make the decision whether or not to continue the testing.  The next step is a breathalyzer test and blood test

A breathalyzer test measures only an estimate of the alcohol level in the driver and is not a reliable test.  If an officer believes the driver is legally drunk then the driver can face arrest and charged with a DUI.  A refusal to submit to the testing can result in an automatic license suspension of one year.  An individual charged with a DUI needs to contact a Thousand Oaks DUI attorney before speaking with authorities.  The Criminal Defense Department of Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP represents many clients facing drunk driving charges.  We have the knowledge and resources to protect the rights of DUI defendants by providing an effective defense for suspected drunken drivers.

DUI Penalties

The penalties for DUI can include the following:

  • Jail time, fines, probation
  • Suspension or revocation of drivers license
  • Ignition locking device
  • Community service
  • DUI education and counseling programs

A DUI offender has the right to request a DMV hearing and it is in the best interest of the defendant to have legal representation at that time.  A favorable outcome at a DMV hearing can have bearing on the legal proceedings that will follow in the court system.  Law enforcement often makes mistakes during the administration of breathalyzer testing and checking for sobriety.  A defense can challenge any test results and arrest procedures during a DUI defense.  Field test administration occurs on the open roads under uncontrolled conditions and a nervous driver may appear suspicious to an officer and mistaken for a DUI.  Floyd, Skeren & Kelly, LLP help many drivers facing serious DUI charges.  Make an appointment today for a consultation with one of our qualified DUI attorneys.

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